Poultry Equipment, Treatments & Tonics

Poultry Equipment, Treatments & Tonics

Very basic equipment can be sufficient to keep a few hens; We have all seen the traditional pictures of corn being scattered in a farm-yard and an old flower pot or saucepan full of corn, however more alternatives are now available from the most basic plastic feeders to long lasting metal feeders. This equipment can make the day to day routine that little easier to suit each and every situation. We also offer a range of poultry treatments and tonics, along with a large selection of sundries.

There are many treatments and tonics on the market for Poultry. The selection we have listed here are products that we have used ourselves and found to be effective. The main products we feel are essential for chicken keepers are Poultry Shield to spray the house against Red Mite, Diatom powder for powdering the house and Nopex to maintain healthy hens. It is also essential that Poultry have an area to dust bath.

New Product:  VermX Poultry Pellets and Liquid

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