Hybrid Chickens, Pekin Bantams, Quail and Ducks

Hybrid Chickens, Pekin Bantams, Quail and Ducks

Point of lay Chickens for sale in East Sussex, HybridsPekin Bantams, Ducks, Quail. We have a large selection of poultry and can supply either large or small quantities throughout the year.

Please purchase our heavy duty cardboard animal carrier if you need boxes to transport your birds. These carriers, ideal for transporting your small animals, have carry handles and air holes and a strong triple layer base.


One box is suitable for 3 Bantams or 2 Hybrid Hens. Alternatively, select the 'stand-alone item' option to purchase a carrier for your own use (no livestock purchase required).

There are many breeds available with various feather colours, markings, egg colours and characteristics.

Supplying young bantams and point of lay hybrid hens, we also have some pure breeds of chickens. We can also supply hatching eggs from our selection of traditional / pure breeds.

We pride ourselves in keeping and selling happy, healthy chickens and encourage everyone to keep their own hens in the same way.

Our animals are kept in clean, comfortable conditions. You will not need your wellies and waterproofs to have a look around. Our pigs, and small animals are situated around the farm for you to see, why not simply stop and enjoy or consider keeping!

Training courses are held regularly in our barn, outlining the basics for keeping poultry and providing an opportunity to handle our hens. We can also look after your poultry in the security of our barn, so you can relax and enjoy a break away.

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