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An Introductory Guide To Cockerels

January 2018. This month Jason has covered the benefits (and problems) associated with keeping a cockerel.

Biosecurity Measures For Poultry (Avian Influenza, Bird Flu)

Biosecurity Measures For Poultry - Download Our Fact Sheet

With the repeated finding of bird flu in Europe and the UK, it is essential for poultry keepers to act responsibly in the way they keep their birds, and it also becomes a legal requirement at any time when Defra introduce an ‘Avian Influenza Prevention Zone’ in your area. So what should you do?

Getting Hens Through Winter

December 2017. This month Jason discusses how to help your hens stay healthy during the colder winter months.

Keeping Poultry Protected From Foxes

November 2017. This month Jason discusses how to keep your poultry (and other animals) safe from Mr. Fox.

Introducing Birds Into An Existing Flock

October 2017. This month Jason talks about all of the possible scenarios involved when integrating new birds.

Autumn Poultry Care

September 2017. This month Jason talks about the steps to take care of your poultry with the summer coming to an end.

Red Spider Mite Control - Recurring Mitemares

August 2017. This month Jason declares war on the red spider mite - undoubtedly poultry enemy number 1 for most keepers in the warmer months. Learn how to prevent and combat it.

Hot Weather Essentials And Poultry Pests

July 2017. This month Jason looks at some tiny pests that can make your birds' lives a misery, and how to both treat and prevent them.

A Poultry MOT Checklist For Health

June 2017. This month Jason tells us how to carry out a comprehensive health check on your birds - a "poultry MOT", if you will.


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