Queen Rearing Half Day Afternoon - Advanced Bee...

Queen Rearing Half Day Afternoon - Advanced Beekeeping



An Afternoon Course

  Queen Rearing  


Small scale but quality Queen raising can make a significant difference to the Bees.  This course will provide an introduction to raising quality queens for the small scale hobbiest beekeeper.

A Swarm Control course is held in the morning.  If both coruses are booked you will receive a complimentary lunch.


Course Programme:
Half day: 1.30pm - 4.30pm


What To Expect:



1. Principles behind raising quality queens

An explanation of what can be achieved with smaller colonies in a home Aiary.  Aimed at the hobbyist beekeeper who wishes to move on in the craft, but still keep the size of operation small enough for the home Apiary.  Discussing Honeybee reproductive biology.  Processes and steps involved and the equipment needed.

2. Scaling down for the hobbiest beekeeper in a home Apiary

Even on a small scale it can be essential to raise your own good quality queens, providing bees with good temperment, good genetics that are well suited to the local environment, so improving the performance of the hive.  This course will talk about how to achieve this for the average beekeeper with limited space and equipment available.


A Swarm Control Course is held in the morning.  If both courses are booked you will receive a complimentary lunch.  



An informal afternoon spent with others at a similar stage in their beekeeping.

A wealth of information from a highly experienced beekeeper and a chance to see the different equipment avialable, along with a useful pack of course notes to take away. 

Refreshments will be provided, including tea, coffee and a 'honey-themed' cake.

Parking is available at the entrance to our farm and our training room is just short walk down our track.

This course is classroom based, however if the bees, time and weather allow then we may visit a hive.

What To Bring:

Just bring yourself, confirmation of your booking, a notebook and any questions you may have, along with a beesuit, gloves and wellies (please contact us in advance if you need to borrow a suit).

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know in advance.
Please arrive at 1.15pm for a prompt 1.30pm start.


Course Tutor:
Mike Cullen


Mike Cullen

Click his picture for more information.



Mike has been a Beekeeper since 1972. He is the ex-chairman and current President of the Hasings & Rother Beekeeping Association. (H&R BKA). He represents the division for H&R BKA at Sussex Beekeeping Association and is an examiner for the BBKA Basic and General examinations.



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Advanced Beekeeping - Queen Rearing Half Day PM with Mike Cullen - Sat 5th May 2018

An advanced beekeeping training course
Receive a free lunch if you also book swarm control

£48.00 / ticket(s) *
In stock

Advanced Beekeeping - Swarm Control Half Day AM with Mike Cullen - Sat 5th May 2018

An advanced beekeeping training course
Receive a free lunch if you also book queen rearing

£48.00 / ticket(s) *
In stock

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