Chicken Keeping Courses

Chicken Keeping Courses

  The Basics Of Chicken Keeping Evening Course For Beginners    Chicken Handling And Health Check Course For Beginners  

The Pleasure Of Keeping Chickens:

Chickens make pets with attitude! Their individual characteristics and quirky little ways will keep you addicted, but on your toes. There is often the one that greets you first in the morning, the one that eats all the treats, one who waits for a stroke and the one who is always trying to escape! It is impossible not to get to know your hens and their little ways and it makes the daily care routine an ongoing pleasure.

Then, leaving aside the pleasures of keeping hens, there is the added benefit of fresh, free-range eggs; As well as the many and varied recipes possible from the humble egg, there is a something special about going to the bottom of the garden each day to collect your own fresh eggs; Adult or child, it is hard to resist the temptation to lift the nest box and check inside.





Chicken Keeping Course Feedback:

View many satisfied customers' feedback on our trustpilot reviews page.

Here is just a sample:

I recently went on the Introduction to Chicken Keeping Course which Jason kindly combined with the handling course. Although it's a two hour trip from London, the course is excellent. The owners are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and fun. For anyone thinking about getting some chickens, the course is a must. To also see how beautifully kept everything is and see the equipment needed at close quarters rather than on a web-site is great. The course is exceptional value. Thanks again, Adrienne Eastwood.





Importance Of Chickens:

All chickens can be traced back to wild jungle fowl which explains a lot about their characteristics: they are territorial and prefer to live and forage in one area, they like to roost up high and nest in a dark secluded area and are wary of wide open spaces.  A far cry from the conditions many are kept in for commercial production.

Although chicken keeping fell out of fashion as supermarket prices became even lower, things are changing quickly and more and more people are again choosing to keep a few hens in their garden.


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