The Basics Of Chicken Keeping

The Basics Of Chicken Keeping



A Morning Course

  The Basics of Chicken Keeping  


Discussing Chicken Keeping. Learn about the pleasures and perils of keeping hens in your garden, their suitability as pets and the joys of having your own fresh free-range eggs.



Course Programme:
3 hours, 10.30am - 13.30pm


What To Expect:



1. All About Chickens
An introduction, background and characteristics

2. Getting Started - Choosing Your Chickens
A hen or cockerel, breeds of chicken, size, looks and eggs

3. Getting Started - Your Set Up
Housing and equipment, run space, flooring and bedding


4. Caring For Your Hens
Feed, routine care, treats, medications and tonics

5. Possible Perils
Pests, diseases and predators


An informal morning spent with others interested in chicken keeping. Our courses are limited to small groups and you will gain a wealth of information from a highly experienced chicken keeper. There is also a chance to see a sample of the different housing, hens and equipment available.

Light refreshments will be provided, including tea, coffee, water, and cake. Parking is available at the entrance to our farm and our training room is just short walk down our track.


What To Bring:

Just bring yourself, confirmation of your booking, a notebook and any questions you may have.

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know in advance.


Course Tutor:
Jason Weller


Jason Weller

Click his picture for more information.



Jason is the co-owner and runs Mantel Farm with Kerry. When Jason is on the farm he can usually be found either caring for the animals or carrying out his latest building project. As well as becoming our expert in chicken care he also makes our chicken enclosures, designing and installing runs in customers' gardens, coming up with a layout that will work well in each and every garden or smallholding.



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