Chicken Boarding

Chicken Boarding


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Chicken Boarding

"Chickens come to stay while you go away!"


Thinking of taking a break?

Why not book your birds in for a holiday of their own and go away relaxed, safe in the knowledge that they are being well cared for, totally secure inside our barn, in one of our
purpose built holiday pens.

We have recently constructed some new  "luxury" boarding pens and are keen for your birds to experience them, so we are offering:

£24.00 credit to spend on our 'Chicken Tripper' Service
This is equivalent to
4 FREE nights boarding for 3 hens

This offer is available to all existing and new 'Tripper' Customers who register on our website and subscribe to our newsletters.

Our '£24.00 Credit' must be booked and redeemed any time from now until the end of April 2014. 

This Credit can be used as part of an exteded stay.  Only one credit per household.  

To take advantage of this offer you simply need to register for a customer account (no purchase necessary) and subscribe to our newsletters,then Contact us at: or 01424 830357, (quoting your customer number) to claim your credit



"CHICKEN TRIPPERS" Poultry​ Boarding Since 2007

Mantel Farm's chicken boarding service was first established in 2007, we consider ourelves to have been the first to offer this service in the UK.

Bringing your birds to board with us means leaving your well loved family pets, or smallholding flock in the capable hands of those who know about poultry.

We have a dedicated area in our barn for Chicken Trippers, with various sized pens to suit your requirements.

Your chickens will be housed together in their own adequately sized pen, which is totally secure from predators, being located within the walls of our main poultry barn.

Being indoors, our pens are built on a solid concrete floor therefore enabling cleaning and disinfecting much more thorough than if they were kept on grass.  

After cleaning, each pen is given a new floor of soft wood shavings providing a deep litter for your hens to enjoy.

Each pen contains its own feeder, drinker, grit hopper, nesting boxes and a roosting rail as standard.  Optional extras are available on request and we can cater for specific treat or food requirements but extra cost may be involved.

Any eggs laid by your hens will be collected daily for you to take home when you collect your birds.

Layers pellets or mash will be provided along with a treat feed of corn in the afternoon.  (unless you request otherwise)

If you would like to bring along extra treats for your birds, or if they require any special care, please complete the relevant section on our booking form.

We also board Ducks (just book as chickens but please let us know in the comments box that they are actually Ducks so we can reserve our special duck pen!):
Dear Mantel Farm, Thank you for looking after our Ducks Wally, Fred and Pickle, it really is such a comfort to know our boys are so well looked after when we are on holiday.  They came back happy, checked out the garden, had a huge splash in the pools and went to sleep! The children think Mantel Farm is their Center Parcs!  Without you we wouldn't enjoy our own holiday half as much.  With huge thanks..Feb 2014



Chicken Tripper bookings are charged per chicken as follows:

£2.00 per night up to 16 nights (Min £25)
For longer stays or large amounts of birds please contact us for a Chicken Boarding quote

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Chicken Boarding Service
£2.00 / night(s)
inc. VAT

Chickens come to stay, while you go away!