Pigs, Ducks & Small Pets

Pigs, Ducks & Small Pets

Pigs, Ducks & Small Pets

We keep and sell a range of animals, from pigs to rabbits Our animals are kept in clean, comfortable conditions - You will not need your wellies and waterproofs to have a look around. Our pigs, and small animals are situated around the farm for you to see, why not simply stop and enjoy or consider keeping!

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We have some new arrivals - runner ducks for sale. Reduced price of £15 for the only two drakes left.

£15.00 *

In stock

This years Quail are now sold out. Available again next spring.

These lovely little birds make great pets and lay lots of tasty little eggs.

£9.50 *

Currently unavailable

A complete kit to get you started with Quail. Includes: Hutch, 3 Quail, 1.5kg Qauil pellets, Aubiose and 2 feed cups.

£100.00 *

Currently unavailable


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