Pest Control Visit, Plan and Advice

Pest Control Visit, Plan and Advice

Pest Control Visit, Plan and Advice

In line with the new CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) scheme, all rodent control should be carried out to the following steps:



Always have a planned approach
Always record quantity of bait used and where its placed
Always use enough baiting points
Always collect and dispose of rodent bodies
Never leave bait exposed to non-target animals and birds
Never fail to inspect bait regularly
Never leave bait down at the end of the treatment


10 rats produce 146,000 droppings and 54 litres of urine per year
50% of fires on farms are caused by rats
Rats are sexually active at just 2-3months old, they have 5 litters per year with 7-8 young per litter



Damage to wildlife
Damage to crops
Consumption of stored food stuffs
Physical damage to property, structures and installation
Contamination and fouling
Transmission of diseases to humans and animals


To help to follow these requirements, why not let our pest control expert visit your site and advise on the best course of action, ensuring your rodent control not only complies with the new legislation but is also is cost effective

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For a small fee we can visit your site to assess the best course of action, ensuring your rodent control is responsible and effective..

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