Bee Candy Dulcofruct 1kg bag


Bee Candy Dulcofruct 1kg bag

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Candy Especially made to ensure bee feeding in the cold season.

Dulcofruct Candy is a 100% inverted product that offers the bee the possibility of a smooth digestion, the bee maintaining its energy. 
This product is extracted from Maize (non GM) that has in its composition: fructose, glucose, other sugars, water and a dry substance of max 84%.
Dulcofruct Candy has a creamy consistency (can be easily cut with a knife) and can be easily digested by the bees, being solidified so it doesn't melt in the hive.

Advantages of using this product:

Inverted Product - doesn't wear out the bees
Low PH - prevents Nosema Apis
Ergonomic packaging - favors easy handling
Creamy consistency - easily assimilated by the bees
Proven - Successfully used in beekeeping for over 5 years
High on Fructose

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