Sapphire Paste Sachets 150g (15x10g) Brodifacoum

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Sapphire paste25 contains the single feed active ingredient Brodifacoum which can control mice and rats in 1 feed. 

Saphire paste is a highly attractive bait packed with peanut oils and cereals making it very palatable to rodents ensuring infestations are controlled fast.  The strength of Sapphire Paste25 offers the user a great solution to control large infestations of rats quickly when other baits might not work.

Each 150g pouch contains 15 x 110g paste sachets enough for 2-3 rat bait points.

Medium to high infestations requires a number of bait points.  Bait refills may be required to replenish any bait taken.  Once bait-take has stopped, the infestationn has been controlled, so bait must be withdrawn from the bait stations and disposed of correctly.  Always read the label.

Sapphire paste must be used with a secured tamperproof bait station.

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