Animal Boarding Terms & Conditions


Your animals must be in good health and free from pests and diseases. If in our experienced judgement we consider your animals to be in any state of ill health, we reserve the right to refuse their stay with us. Should we consider your animals unfit or find any pests, then we reserve the right to refuse them. The best of care will be given to your animals during their stay with us, and we can accept no responsibility for any illness/problems arising during their stay or after their return.

Your animals should be used to living together happily in one area. For Chicken boarding, only one Cockerel per pen is accepted.

If animals are collected earlier than arranged, the full boarding fee will still apply. If animals are collected later than agreed then the extra length of stay will be charged at our standard boarding rates, provided that contact has been made with us, and the extended stay agreed. If animals are not collected on the arranged date, and no contact has been made with us, those animals will be held for up to 7 days, after which time they will be deemed to have been ‘abandoned’, then shall become the property of Mantel Farm and be re-homed as appropriate. If animals are collected after the agreed collection date, without making contact to arrange for an extra length of stay, additional boarding rates will apply at double those of the original booking.

Should your animals become poorly during their stay, we will use our experienced judgement to determine the best course of action.

Emergency contact numbers must be UK contacts only, overseas calls will be charged accordingly.

Should we consider that the services of a vet are required, then we will contact you on the emergency number you have provided, in order that arrangements and payments can be made as necessary. If you have not provided an emergency contact number, we will care for your animals to the best of our ability, but can make no guarantees; in this instance we will not employ the services of a vet.

Although we guarantee to provide a secure and protected environment for your animals, looking after them employing our many years of experience, we cannot be held responsible for any disease, injury or death during or after their stay.


Rabbit Boarding - Vaccinations

It has come to our attention that a number of rabbits in the South East region have died in the as a result of disease. Post Mortems carried out by Veterinary Surgeons in 2017 have confirmed the presence of RVHD2 (Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease) in some of these cases. In light of this news, we are requiring all rabbits that board with us to have been vaccinated with the Myxomatosis plus RVHD1 vaccine - given together as one jab - and also the additional RHVD2 inoculation. Please ensure that you have taken the appropriate steps to protect your rabbits. We are asking you to please bring a vaccination certificate with you when arriving with your rabbits. Alternatively you can email a scanned copy of your certificate to This precaution is to ensure the protection of all rabbits in our care to avoid the spread of any diseases. Please contact us for more information.

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