Pest Control

Pest Control

Running a Garden Farm can sometimes lead to a few unwanted visitors arriving; from rats to red mites.  Knowing how to prevent and control a rodent infestation is key.  At Mantel Farm we can offer a range of pest control products and have also teamed up with a local pest controller to help our customers to control and treat rodent problems: Graham at GB Pest Control can be contacted on 07876 1089434


NEW LEGISLATION IN 2016:  Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use
New laws came into effect in April 2016, restricting certain rodenticides to professional certified users only.  This has meant a change to the products available for 'garden farmers' to purchase either in a store or on-line.  Although at first our thoughts were 'not another piece of legislation!' this one does have a purpose and good intent:  It has been felt that ameteur use of rodenticides is adding to the problem of rodents becoming immune, and is also affecting important wildlife.

HSE have introduced a UK Rodenticide Stewardship Scheme to restrict the availability of rodenticide products.  This scheme is to ensure rodenticudes are used responsibly and re not affecting non-target animals.  Farmers, gamekeepers and professional pest controllers will only be able to buy any other stewardship label products if they hold certified proof of competence or are a member of an approved farm assurance scheme.

More information can be found on the CRRU website:

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