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 H5N1 Highly Pathogenic Zone around Bexhill-on-Sea

Due to a confirmed case of H5N1 Avian Infuenza in Bexhill-on-Sea on the 15th June 2022, Mantel Farm is now located within a 10km surveillance zone put in place by Defra.

This means we are currently uanble to move Poultry on or off the premises and therefore can not sell or board any poultry. 


Our shop remains open as usual for supplies and our training courses will continue to run, but there is no access to any poultry areas.  Our hens are being looked after in their pens (as we are outside the Protection zone they are able to enjoy their outdoor pens) and they are being given plenty of care and treats.


If you have placed an order for hens and have not already spoken to us then please contact us to discuss your order. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope we will soon be able to offer our hens.


We have been supplying Poultry to the Back Garden Keeper for nearly 20 years and offer a wide selection of Quality Hybrids and Pure Breeds at point-of-lay, ranging from little Bantams to Large Fowl.   In the Spring and Summer we also offer Hatching-Eggs from our own flocks and often have a good selection of Cockerels to choose from.  

We can supply birds in either small or large quantities throughout the year.  You are welcome to come along to our farm to have a look at the birds and you can pre-order birds through our website (once your order is received we will check the current stock levels so please await confirmation of availability before making a special journey).

Our animals are kept in clean, comfortable conditions; you will not need your wellies and waterproofs to have a look around.  We work only with reputable, established breeders and breed details and vaccination certificates are available with all of our birds.  Please refer to our livestock terms and conditions regarding order cancellations and refunds before purchasing hens.

Poultry come in many breeds and sizes with various feather colours, markings, egg colours and characteristics. We are happy to spend time with you to find the best birds for you and offer our help and advice, we have comprehensive information available on our website regarding the care of your birds, have written poultry articles for magazines and offer training courses at our farm.  We also offer 'chicken trippers' our animal boarding service where we will look after your poultry in the security of our barn so you can relax and enjoy a trip away.

Blue Laced Wyandotte Bantam

For more information please subscribe to our newsletter so we can keep you up to date with hen availability.  

If possible please bring a box or carrier with you to collect your hens.  Alternatively cardboard hen carriers are available to purchase.

We pride ourselves in keeping and selling happy, healthy chickens and encourage everyone to keep their own hens in the same way.  Please have a look at our customer reviews left on our trustpilot page 

Early years at the farm


Classic view

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