Beekeeping Facts & Info

Beekeeping Facts & Info

Here you can find all sorts of useful information from the latest guidance on Bee health, to help and advice regarding beekeeping practices and much more.

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Bee Lifecycle Wheel

Bee Lifecycle Wheel - Download PDF

Bee Life-Cycle Ready Reckoner

Print off and cut out the two wheels. Pin the smaller wheel over this larger one. Rotate to line up the start of a cycle with a date. Read off the dates for future lifecycle events. Dashed line represents approximate lifespan. Dates lie on the dashes, not the spaces.

Choosing An Apiary Site

Choosing An Apiary Site - Download PDF

Information on finding the site, consideration for the public, forage, environment, access, space.

Bees, Neighbours and Siting Hives

Bees, Neighbours and Siting Hives - Download PDF

Information on Consideration for others, What are the problems likely to be? Is my garden suitable? Forage and bee density, Access, Space.

Hive Record Card

Hive Record Card - Download PDF

The record book is used to give an overview of the beekeeper's beekeeping activities and to help plan the work in the season.

Reading the insert

Reading the insert

In January/February we may be curious as to the size of the cluster and even if it is still alive.  In the spring and summer with a bit of experience you can tell which flowers they are visiting from the colour of the pollen loads dropped through the mesh floor.


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