Poultry Fact Sheets

Here you can find in-depth fact sheets on various poultry care topics. All sorts of useful information is covered in detail from the latest guidance on Poultry health, to help and advice regarding mixing chickens and much more.

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Winter Poultry Care Fact Sheet

Essential tips for caring for your flock during the winter months, with the colder weather and longer nights.

Introducing New Birds Fact Sheet

Introducing new birds to a flock of hens can be really difficult, but there are steps you can take to help

Fleas And Lice Fact Sheet

Chickens can be affected by both fleas and lice, the latter being more common and living directly on your birds

Red Spider Mite Fact Sheet

Red Spider Mite is an incredibly difficult problem to solve 100%, but it can be managed and prevented

Biosecurity Measures For Poultry (Avian Influenza, Bird Flu)

Responsible Poultry keeping - General guidance

Please note more strict controls may apply from time to time

Poultry Worms Fact Sheet

Poultry – Worms (& other internal parasitic organisms)


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