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Newsletter July 2020

July 2020. Bees and ducks in lockdown and the negative impact of Covid-19 for refill shops


Newsletter June 2020

June 2020. latest shopping arrangements, broody hens and NEW eco poultry products


Newsletter February 2020

February 2020.  New year, new chickens and egg production

Newsletter December 2019

December 2019.  Celebrating Christmas the old fashioned way

Newsletter November 2019

November 2019.  The importance of 'back garden farming'

Newsletter October 2019

October 2019.  Rain, Mud and Worms!

Newsletter September 2019

September 2019.  The apple harvest, wasps and hungry bees - and where did the summer go?

Newsletter August 2019

August 2019.  Butterflies, slow worms, new chickens, call ducks available now, special offer on red mite treatments 

Newsletter July 2019

July 2019.  Sustainability, Prize draw winner announced and a special offer on BioDri

Newsletter June 2019

June 2019.  South of England Show, Fathers Dy Gifts, Beekeeping updates and lots of Hybrids and Quail arrive.

Newsletter May 2019

May 2019.  Chestnut Hurdles, Spring Special Offers on our Workshops and Training Courses, World Bee Day Discount and lots of birds arriving soon.

Newsletter April 2019

April 2019.  This month is all about Easter Opening, Early Bee Inspections, learning new skills for summer

Newsletter March 2019

March 2019.  This month is all about Keeping Chickens and learning new skills in unpredictable times

Newsletter February 2019

February 2019.  This month is all about wild birds, preparing for the cold weather, free mealworm offer, winter beekeeping

Newsletter December 2018

December 2018.  This month is all about Festive Friday, mince pies, discounts and silly jumpers.  Wildflower verges, bee notes and gardening tales.

Newsletter November 2018

November 2018.  This month is all about Winter Poultry Care, Black Friday Deals, Mince Pies, Mead and Coffee, Christmas Q&A, Training Courses, Gift Vouchers & New Products.

Newsletter October 2018

October 2018.  This month is all about Integrating Chickens Into A Flock, Beekeeping Notes, New 2019 Craft Training Courses, Verm-X Special Offers & Promotional Products.

Newsletter September 2018

September 2018.  This month is all about Poultry Health Care - Treating Fleas & Lice, Beekeeping Notes, Winter Training Courses, Special Offers & Promotional Products.

Newsletter August 2018

August 2018.  This month is all about Red Spider Mite Advice, Our Mead Making Course, Beekeeping Notes, Diatom & Poultry Shield Offer, Gardening Tales, Prize Draw Winner.

Newsletter July 2018

July 2018.  This month is all about the South of England Show Prize Draw, Summer Poultry Care Article, Chicken Keeping Courses Promotion, Beekeeping Notes, Golden Quail.

Newsletter June 2018

June 2018.  This month is all about Raising Money For The British Heart Foundation, Poly Beehives, Keeping Well Fed Flocks, Half Price Poultry Pep, South Of England Show, Quail, Beekeeping Notes, And A Springtime Poem.

Newsletter May 2018

May 2018.  This month is all about Spring In The Air, Struggling Bees, A New Arrival, Poultry Advice, Red Mite Treatment, Reserve Quail, Gardening Tips, Beekeeping Notes.

Newsletter April 2018

April 2018.  This month is all about Easter Opening Hours, New Products, Ernies Magazine Interview, Bee Notes and Starting with Poultry.

Newsletter March 2018

March 2018.  This month is all about New Beekeeping Equipment, Transporting Chickens, Bedgebury Pinetum, Beekeeping Notes, Chicken Courses, Offers & Promotions.

Newsletter February 2018

Feburary 2018.  This month is all about Defra Updates, Poultry Health & Advice, Early Bird Discounts, Bee Notes.

Newsletter January 2018

January 2018.  This month is all about Christmas Shop Hourse, Animal Boarding Availability & Personalised Deliveries.

Newsletter December 2017

December 2017.  Christmas Cheer, Winter Poultry Care, Gift Ideas and Offers.

Newsletter November 2017

November 2017.  New look Newsletter, Queen Bees and Protection from Foxes.


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