Amanda's Notes on Beekeeping

Amanda's Beekeeping Notes

Amanda is a professional ecologist who has been keeping up to 25 colonies of bees for about fifteen years.  During that time she has attained the British Beekeepers Association modules 1 to 7 with credits and distinctions.  On the practical side she has the Basic Assessment and the General Husbandry Certificate making her a 'Qualified Beekeeper'.  She has also won prizes at the Natioanl Honey Show for her honey and other products.

Amanda has had articles published in beekeeping magazines and has a regular column in her local divisions newsletter, she has been running beekeeping course, workshops and talks at various levels from introduction, beginner to advanced, including Queen Rearing, History of Beekeeing, Bee Health and Diseases and Other Pollinators; subjects she is particularly interested in.

Amanda was on the Brighton and Lewis Division Committee or 10 years, 6 of which as Secretary before becoming the Chairman of the Sussex Beekeepers Association (SBKA) Executive Committee in 2013 for three years and is now the President of the SBKA.

We are fortunate to have Amanda working with us at Mantel Farm, providing regular training courses along with these monthly Beekeeping notes:

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Amanda's Beekeeping Notes June 2018

June 2018.  This month Amanda's notes include: wax moth, swarming season, bee forage, world bee day and research

Amanda's Beekeeping Notes May 2018

May 2018.  This month Amanda's notes include: spring preparations and solitary bee sightings

Amanda's Beekeeping Notes April 2018

April 2018.  This month Amanda's notes include: Investigating spring colony loss & neonics threat.

Amanda's Beekeeping Notes March 2018

March 2018.  This month Amanda's notes include: Early inspections and preparing for a cold spell.

Amanda's Beekeeping Notes February 2018

February 2018.  This month Amanda's notes include: Preparing for the new year and worrying UK sales of Apivar.

Amanda's Beekeeping Notes January 2018

January 2018.  This month Amanda's notes include: Bee clusters in winter and an update on neonics.

Amanda's Beekeeping Notes December 2017

December 2017.  This month Amanda's notes include: Winter treatments, Apishield floor and Wasps.

Amanda's Beekeeping Notes November 2017

November 2017.  This month Amanda's notes include: Checking for mites, Mouse guards on, & declining insects.

Amanda's Beekeeping Notes October 2017

October 2017.  This month Amanda's notes include: Mite drops, Greater Wax Moth & Feeding.

Amanda's Beekeeping Notes September 2017

September 2017.  This month Amanda's notes include: Robbing, Apiguard and Dusting.

Amanda's Beekeeping Notes August 2017

August 2017.  This month Amanda's notes include: Removing the last supers, voarroa treatments & re-queening.


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