Thinking about Keeping Bees? A Beekeeping Taster Day

Thinking about keeping Bees?
A Beekeeping Taster Day



A Beekeeping Taster Day


A great day if you are thinking about keeping bees, we will discuss beekeeping today, the apiary set up, why bees and other pollinators are so important, look at different types of hives and take a look inside a working beehive. 




Course Programme: 
Saturday: 9.30am - 4.30pm


What To Expect:


1. Introduction to bees and other pollinators. Learn about pollination, its importance and the role of the honey bees and other pollinators.

2. The Honey Bee.  Find out about the fascinating biology and behaviour of the honey bee.

3. What is involved in keeping honey Bees Consider what equipment and space is needed to keep bees and the regular and seasonal activities involved.  

4. Products of the Honey Bee Hive. Hear how to harvest and process the bounty from the hive and sample different kinds of honey.

5. A look inside a hive. Take a look inside a working beehive, see the colony structure; nest and honey stores and see how to identify the queen bee, workers and drones.

6. Choosing your Beehives. Take a closer look at the most commonly used types of hive, seeing how they fit together and discuss the pros and cons of each before deciding to make any investments.


An informal day learning about the Honey Bees, and how you can help.

Refreshments will be provided, including a honey-themed cake.  Please bring your own packed lunch.

Parking is available at the entrance to our farm and our training room is just a short walk down our track.

What To Bring:

Just bring yourself, confirmation of your booking, a notebook, and any questions you may have, along with gloves (washing-up type gloves are fine) and wellies/boots.

A bee-suit will be provided.



Where the bees and the weather allow, this day will include an inspection of a hive.

Please arrive at 9.15 for a prompt 9.30 start.


Cancellation Policy:

To ensure all attendees get the best experience from their training we only run our courses in small groups. 

We therefore have to operate with a strict cancellation policy:  Refunds or booking transfers are not given for cancellations made within 2 weeks of the course.  If a cancellation is made with more than 2 weeks notice but within 6 weeks of the course date then we will try to re-sell your tickets if we are successful then a refund will be issued for the full amount less a £10 administration fee.  If a cancellation is made with more than 6 weeks notice then a full refund will be issued.


Course Tutors:  

An introduction to each of our tutors


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A Beekeeping Taster Day with Jill and Josh - Sat 17th September 2022

A great introductory day if you are thinking about keeping bees


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