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Country Living, Country Business and Wellbeing:

New for 2021 our Country Living Courses offer a unique opportunity to reconnect with the countryside, learn new skills and traditional crafts.

Find out how to make the most of your own space and the countryside around you, from growing your own herbs and edibles and how to use them in your garden, to learning and developing a range of skills around stress relief, relaxation techniques and mindfulness, combined with structural brain re-training, self-limiting-belief-busting and positive thinking whilst connecting with oils, meditation, and massage. 

All hosted in the magical, woodland setting of Mantel Farm, deep in East Sussex's 1066 county, these courses will inspire you to start living your dream.





Training Course Feedback:

View many satisfied customers' feedback on our Trustpilot reviews page.

Here is just a sample:

I recently went on the Introduction to Chicken Keeping Course which Jason kindly combined with the handling course. Although it's a two hour trip from London, the course is excellent. The owners are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and fun. For anyone thinking about getting some chickens, the course is a must. To also see how beautifully kept everything is and see the equipment needed at close quarters rather than on a web-site is great. The course is of exceptional value. Thanks again.

I am very happy with the training and the nice touches made by the owners to look after us all weekend. Will highly recommend it. Thank you.

Excellent training courses Thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. Expert beekeeper gave me all the knowledge I need to start keeping my own bees. Well done Mantel Farm.





Accommodation Links:

Located in the heart of the East Sussex Countryside we are lucky to be surrounded by tourist destinations including Battle, Hastings and Bexhill. Each has many places to stay, as well as a main line train station.

Find out more about accommodation used by our previous course attendees here