Coping with change

Coping with change


A One Day Course



Have you ever felt out of control or swamped by changes happening in your life? 

The only constant in life is change – and wow, what changing times we’re living through! Coping with change is hugely challenging; be it redundancy or change in career, relationship changes or even the challenges that come with starting a family, we often underestimate the impact on our mental and physical wellbeing.



Course Programme:
Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm


What To Expect:


1.  Understanding why change is so affecting
The theory behind why you are feeling the way you are and an insight into change as a process.
In this section we will map your personal circumstances against the Kubler-Ross Change Curve to reveal where you are within the change that is currently happening to you and being able to take back control!

2. Managing the mental and physical impacts of change
Being able to flip how you feel about change from a negative standpoint to a positive and proactive approach, will revolutionise how you roll with life’s (often repeated!) punches. 
In this section we will explore what your own personal ‘change resistors’ are and learn some exercises to ‘flip’ them to change your perspective and learn a new set of skills to cope and deal with change.

3. Develop your personal motivators (full afternoon session).
There are nine basic human motivators.  This session will empower you to understand which ones resonate with, and are most important to you, help you identify how to stay focused during change and help you build in ‘rewards’ when you achieve goals, or get through a particularly challenging experience


This one-day course will show you why you are feeling the way you are and teach you practical steps and guidance on how to manage the mental and physical impacts of change and how to move forward in a positive way.

Showing you how to cope and flow with change and use it to your advantage.

Refreshments will be provided

Please bring a packed lunch with you

Parking is available at the entrance to our farm and our training room is just a short walk down our track.

What To Bring:

 Just bring your lunch and a pad and pencil if you wish to make notes

Please arrive at 15 mins before the start of the course for a prompt start


About the trainer:
Lucy Freeborn



As a strategy consultant and ACCPH accredited life coach, Lucy has been helping individuals, SMEs and brands find their path for more than 25 years.

Lucy has coached and mentored individuals and teams, keeping people focused, empowered and moving forward. Her skills lie in personal life coaching, goal setting and helping people re-connect with their values, create a more purposeful lifestyle and live their dreams.



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Coping with Change with Lucy Freeborn - Friday 7th May 2021

Coping with Change

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Coping with Change with Lucy Freeborn - Friday 6th August 2021

Coping with Change

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