Refreshing Your Beekeeping Course

Refreshing Your Beekeeping Course




A One Day Course

  Beekeeping Refresher Course  

For those who wish to refresh their knowledge of beekeeping. Tailored especially for 'fairly new beekeepers' keen to do the best for their bees at the start of the new season. A re-visit of all the coming season's key beekeeping activities & tasks. 



Course Programme: 
1 day: 9.30am - 4.30pm


What To Expect:


A review of the beekeeping year and its activities for those who have some experience but wish to top-up their confidence for the coming season. Aimed at beekeepers who desire to improve their performance by picking up additional skills from experienced established beekeepers.

1. Managing honeybee colonies
A closer look at important inspections to be carried out and how to carry out swarm control.  A look at uniting and moving colonies, apiary responsibilities and safety.

2. Bee health & diseases
Bee diseases, pests and other problems, how to recognise and treat them in an effective way.

3. Honey harvesting
A re-cap of the process of honey extraction, handling the harvest and the equipment needed.

4. Winter Preparations & feeding
How and when to prepare and protect your colonies for the winter, including treatments, inspections, feeding and hive protection.



An informal day spent with others who have just started out in beekeeping.

A wealth of information from highly experienced beekeepers and a chance to discuss your new beekeeping experiences with others at a similar stage to yourself, along with a useful pack of course notes to take away. 

Refreshments will be provided, including a buffet lunch and a 'honey themed' cake.

Parking is available at the entrance to our farm and our training room is just a short walk down our track.

Where the bees and the weather allow, this course will include an inspection of a hive.

What To Bring:

Just bring yourself, confirmation of your booking, a notebook and any questions you may have, along with a bee suit, gloves, and wellies (please contact us in advance if you need to borrow a suit).

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know in advance.

Please arrive at 9.15am for a prompt 9.30am start


Course Tutors:
Mike Cullen & Jill Sales


Mike Cullen

Click Mike's picture for more information.

Jill Sales

Click Jill's picture for more information.



Mike has been a Beekeeper since 1972 and has attained many BBKA modules. He is an examiner for the BBKA Basic and General Examinations.

Jill keeps several colonies of bees and has been both teaching and beekeeping for many years.


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