About Us

About Us


Mantel Farm is a family run smallholding shop, training facility and animal boarding service in the heart of the East Sussex countryside.

Our aim is to support our family in as self sufficient and sustainable way as possible, we run a small scale family business, only selling products we have used ourselves and animals we have experience in keeping.  

We now have many breeds of poultry, along with beehives and small families of ducks, rabbits, pigs, geese and goats.

We specialise in Poultry, selling everything you need to keep chickens yourselves.

We welcome you to come and have a look at the animals, browse our shop or ask our advice.

We are happy to talk you you and encourage you to try this special way of life, either by enjoying the pleasures of keeping livestock, growing your own food or by simply buying local produce.

We hope we can show you that you dont need a farm to keep animals, any reasonable sized garden can be home to a few hens for really fresh eggs, a hive for bees for honey and only a small pig paddock is needed for your own tasty pork.

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  The Mantel Farm Team  

Mantel Farm is on the outskirts of the historic town of Battle in the hamlet of Henley Down, between the villages of Catsfield and Crowhurst.

It has been a poultry farm since the 1940's, originally producing poultry and eggs to the commercial market.

When we purchased the farm it had ceased trading for a number of years, but it soon became our dream to not let this agricultural premises lay idle but to return it to its intended use, although in a different way and on a smaller scale.

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Jason Weller - Co-Owner

Jason is the co-owner of Mantel Farm. Our chicken expert; he now writes regularly for a national magazine, constructs many chicken enclosures and holds our chicken courses.

Kerry Weller - Co-Owner

Kerry is the co-owner of Mantel Farm. Her time is spent between the shop, the website, the business plans and finances, the animals and the family.

Christopher Thwaites - Retail Manager

Chris is our Farm Retail Manager, the main point of contact for our customers, keeping our shop well stocked, handling our website orders and delivering to our customers.

Josh Dean - Animal Manager

Josh is our Farm Animal Manager, having kept his own chickens for many years, Josh does a great job keeping our animals happy and healthy, he also works in the shop advising customers on poultry care.

Andrew Ball - IT Manager

Andrew is our computer whiz, working on the farm a couple of days a week. He often saves us when our computers just won't behave! He helps to keep our website found and up to date.

Amanda Millar - Beekeeping Tutor

Amanda regularly holds our Beekeeping Courses. She is a professional ecologist who has been keeping many colonies of bees for about fifteen years. She has attained many BBKA modules with credits & distinctions.

Mike Cullen - Beekeeping Tutor

A Master Beekeeper; Mike has been a Beekeeper since 1972. He is an examiner for the BBKA Basic and General Examinations. 

Jill Sales - Beekeeping Tutor

Jill regularly holds our Beekeeping Courses. She keeps her own bees and has been teaching for many years. She is an active member of our local association, helping new beekeepers enjoy this skill.

Steve Gibson - Course Tutor

Steve has been brewing country wines since 2005 and having fallen in love with mead at a trip to the medieval festival at Herstmonceux, he started brewing his own mead.

Richard Ely - Course Tutor

Richard has 12 years experience running his own business making greenwood and coppice crafts products in and around the Battle area.

Bertie Weller - Owners' Son

Bertie is Jason and Kerry’s eldest son, being brought up on the smallholding he has spent many hours with all of the animals here, built many chicken runs with his Dad and worked in the shop.

Ernie Weller - Owners' Son

Ernie is Kerry and Jason’s youngest son and now helps in the shop most Sundays, being brought up on the smallholding he has spent many hours looking after his quail and photographing the animals and flowers here.


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