Mike Cullen

Mike Cullen



Mike Cullen


Mike Cullen - Beekeeping Courses Tutor



Mike has been a Beekeeper since 1972. He currently manages 4 apiaries, each with between 5 and 8 colonies.

To ensure that he keeps up to date with the rapidly changing challenges of modern bee husbandry, Mike spent the last 7 years studying for and passing the BBKA Basic Practical Assessment; General Husbandry Assessment; Advanced Husbandry Assessment; and Theory Modules No. 1 - 7.

Mike runs regular courses in Beekeeping, from beginners courses to advanced Beekeeping Courses courses in subjects such as Swarm Control and Queen Rearing.

He is the ex-chairman and current President of the Hasings & Rother Beekeeping Association. (H&R BKA). He represents the division at Sussex Beekeeping Association and is an examiner for the BBKA Basic and General examinations.