Logs and Kindling

Logs and Kindling

Save money with our 100%  British kiln dried logs

More heat, less fuel, Eco-friendly & sustainable, Lower emissions. 
Our low moisture logs give a hotter, cleaner burn for you and your family

We believe that it is absolutely essential to ensure our firewood is sustainably sourced, quality assured firewood.  Supporting Sustainable British Business and avoiding unsustainable deforestation practices: 

Our logs are sourced from Certainly Wood who is a founding member of the new Woodsure Ready to Burn scheme, backed by Defra and guaranteed below 20% moisture content.

Being the UK pioneers of kiln drying firewood, all logs are dried in unique wood fired kilns and solar panels provide their electricity. 

To reinforce its sustainability, Certainly Wood is now approved under this new scheme which provides a guarantee that all its firewood and kindling has been grown in the UK in accordance with the UK Government Timber Procurement Policy. It promotes active management to create a more sustainable future for British woodlands.


Supplied by a 100% British Sustainable Firewood Company:


The importance of using dry wood and the right fuel for the wood-burning stoves is crucial in so many ways, but often ignored.  Certainly Wood is very much an industry leader. Primarily, it is the pioneer of kiln-dried firewood in the UK and their kilns run on wood waste, but also much of the electricity used comes from solar panels.

Click on the image above to view clips about our supplier, their history, values and processes.

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Kiln Dried Logs

100% hardwood logs. Dried to below 20% moisture content.  Perfect for wood-burning stoves and all fires, indoors and out

£6.95 *
In stock

Flaming Firewood

Small-sized hardwood logs.  Dried to below 20% moisture content.  Perfect for wood-burning stoves and all fires, indoors and out

£4.95 *
In stock

Flamers Natural Firelighters - 24 Pack

Firelighters made from natural, renewable, untreated wood shavings dipped in wax.  24 firelighters per box

£3.95 *
In stock

Kindling - Kiln Dried

Perfect kindling to start your fire.  Boxed for tidy storage.  Approx 100 sticks per box.  British sourced sustainably. 

£4.95 *
In stock

Hot Max Fuel Logs

Fuel Logs 20kg - high energy, briquettes for the home.  Clean, convenient eco-fuel, made in the UK from wast products.

£7.95 *
In stock

Hard Wood Chips - Large Bag

A large bag of hardwood chips. This woodchip is from local UK trees, and lasts far longer than most soft/European chips or wood bark.

£3.95 *
In stock

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