Bee Swarm Collection

Bee Swarm Collection

A swarm of honey bees occurs when some of the bees leave their colony.  They usually form a cluster in a tree, gatepost or on any other suitable object. When they have settled into a cluster they will then fly to their new “home”.  Swarms of honey bees can usually be safely removed by qualified/experienced beekeepers if they are contacted in time.  If the honey bees have left their post swarming clustering place and taken up residence in the fabric of a building, that can be more difficult (if not impossible) to be safely dealt with by a beekeeper and another visit by a pest controller will be required to undertake the work.

Are they Honey Bees?

Honey bees are often confused with Bumble Bees and Wasps - the British Beekeepers Association have produced a really good guide to help to identify a swarm of honey bees:

In need of some help?

Please contact a beekeeper through the Beekeepers Association or contact us and we will help where we can.

Alternatively contact Graham at GB Pest Control - A beekeeper and pest controller who will always do his best for the bees: 07876 108434