Pure Breeds

Pure Breeds

Pure Breeds are the traditional back garden birds. Our range of pure breeds are vaccinated and reared together, and so you can choose from a selection of different birds making an interesting and attractive mixed flock

All our pure breeds have a comprehensive vaccination programme (something that is un-economical for small-scale rearing) and parent flocks are tested for salmonella.  A full vaccination certificate is available upon request.

Our Pure Breeds are sourced only from reputable, established poultry breeders, with full traceability.  

Our Pure Breed hens are now available.  To place an order please select the birds of your choice and add to your basket.  Please note we only have a limited flock and if the breed is not listed as 'in stock' then we have sold out of that breed.  Payment in full is required.  We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a collection date*

If the colour is listed as mixed, please add your preferred colour choice in the order comments box.

For regular updates on hen availability and collection dates please subscribe to our newsletter so we can keep you up to date.

Please refer to our livestock terms and conditions regarding order cancellations and refunds before purchasing hens.

If possible please bring a box or carrier with you to collect your hens.  Alternatively cardboard hen carriers are available to purchase.

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Pure Breed Pre Order - Reserve hens from our next flock

Reserve your pure breed hens

£46.00 *
In stock

Cochin Hens - White

£46.00 *
Reduced Price! £56.00
You save £10.00

White Crested Black Polish Bantam Hens

Details of our vaccinated Polish hens will be available soon.

£46.00 *

White Crested Blue Polish Bantam Hens

Details of our vaccinated Polish hens will be available soon.

£46.00 *

Animal Carrier - Strong Cardboard

Strong cardboard re-usable animal carriers.  1 box is suitable for 3 Bantams or 2 Hybrid Hens.  

£3.95 *
In stock

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