Cream Legbar cross Skyline Hatching Eggs

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Cream Legbar cross Skyline Hatching Eggs

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Nature & appearance:
Generally cream leg bar are calm birds but they can be known to be
a little flighty

Their marking are incredible and they have a little crest on their head which looks like a little tuft of feathers

They are classed as a non-broody bird and excellent egg layers

They have a very nice shape to them as well with lovely pointy tail feathers and a slender body

A skyline is a hybrid version of the cream leg bar with a higher egg production.

The cream leg bar is classed as large fowl although they have a very slender body weighing in at around 2.7 kg (5.9 lbs.)

No. of eggs:
The Hens are good layers; laying between 150 and 180 a year

Egg size & colour
Large, green/blue coloured eggs


Please contact us to check availability before purchasing

Please allow time for your eggs to rest for a full day in a cool place (around 12 degrees), before incubating.

Whilst we generally have high fertility rates with our eggs, please bear in mind we cannot make any guarantees.

If posting, we do make every effort that all eggs are well packaged, and all will be clearly labelled 'Fragile' (please drop us an email if you require us to post on a particular day).


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