Natural Free Range Layers Pellets 5kg

Natural Free Range Layers Pellets 5kg

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A small pellet size suitable for Bantams. Natural Free Range Layers Feed from the Smallholder Range provides a complete, nutritionally balanced diet, for healthy hens. Made from the highest standard of Non-GM ingredients, the Smallholder Range has recently launched their layers feed with the additional benefit of being Soya Free!

All feeds within the Smallholder Range are Vegetarian Society Approved, never using animal by-products such as fishmeal or vitamins covered in pork gelatine coating. Nor are there any artificial colours in the feeds, only natural ingredients are used, such as grass, maize and marigold petals in the layers feeds for lovely golden yolks and a deep rich taste.

Boosted with vitamins and minerals, the Natural Free Range Layers Feed is a premium all year round feed providing everything your hens need for optimum health, with added omega 3 in the feed so you get extra in your eggs.

Available in a pellet or a crumble, Natural Free Range Layers Pellets have a small pellet size that is suitable for feeding to bantams. The Natural Free Range Layers Crumble creates less dust and waste than a traditional meal/mash and helps to prevent selective feeding.

Both feeds are suitable for feeding to cockerels that are kept with hens, along with pullets that have not yet come into lay and hens that are not laying because they are going through a moult. These feeds can also be safely fed to adult ducks and geese if kept with hens, both feeds are available in store in 5kg and 20kg bags.

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