Pygmy Goat Mix 20kg

Pygmy Goat Mix 20kg

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Mimics the pygmy goats natureal diet
Includes Alfalfa
With added herbs
Supplies all essential nutrients
Free from all animal produts

Smallholder Range – Pygmy Goat Mix

Fibre is crucial for all breeds of goats so should make up the largest portion of your pygmy goat’s diet. Hay is high in fibre and should be available to them at all times throughout the year and this should be of good quality and dust free. As goats are browsers rather than grazers, they do enjoy eating from above so try feeding their hay from a rack to simulate this natural behaviour. Goats also enjoy nibbling on woody material from hedgerows so to provide added interest, try hanging branches of their favourite shrubs, such as hazel and hawthorn, alongside their hay.

As many pygmy goats are kept as pets, males are often castrated (known as wethers) and this unfortunately increases their risk of urinary stones due to having a narrower urethra. Encouraging your pygmy goat to chew on forage and browsing material will stimulate saliva production and will encourage rumination this will help to excrete phosphorus safely from the body, which will minimise the risk of urinary stones developing. It is also important to provide your pygmy goats with access to clean fresh water, as urinary stones are less likely to occur in dilute urine.

Due to their small stature, it is not uncommon for pygmy goats to become over weight, so to ensure your pygmy goats do not pile on the pounds, it is important to use a low energy feed. The Smallholder Range Pygmy Goat Mix was the first feed to be specifically formulated to mimic the pygmy goat’s natural diet; formulated to be high in fibre and low in energy. Just like all Smallholder Range feeds, Pygmy Goat Mix is produced in our own drug free mill and contains only the highest quality, non-genetically modified ingredients. It is also vegan and vegetarian approved by the Vegetarian Society, which means it contains no animal derived ingredients.

Smallholder Range Pygmy Goat Mix contains fruit and vegetables such as Carrot, apple and pineapple as well as mint and fenugreek for their well-known properties, to make it a tasty feed even for the fussiest of eaters! As a balanced feed, Smallholder Range Pygmy Goat Mix will provide your pygmy goats with essential vitamins and minerals, including a correct ratio of calcium and phosphorous, which is important to minimise the development of urinary stones.

For more information on feeding your goats contact the friendly Smallholder Range Advice Line on 01362 822902 or visit

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