Super Mix Corn 20kg

Super Mix Corn 20kg

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A premium quality super mixed corn. Use as a complimentary feed for poultry after they have eaten their main feed. No synthetic amino acids used. No Hexane Extracted ingredients. Contains calcium granules and grit to help break down food and add calcium. Smallholder Feeds. 20kg Economy Sack. Composition: Wheat, Maize, Peas, Limestone (calcium carbonate) expelled soya oil. Smallholder Feeds.

Many people like to feed their chickens ‘treats’ to add variety to the diet. Whilst there is nothing wrong with feeding a small amount of treats, make sure your chickens eat their complete feed in the morning before giving any treats. This is important as the chicken’s crop limits food intake and as chickens are likely to prefer treats to their complete feed, they may fill up on treats and miss out on getting the right balance of nutrients.

Smallholder Range’s Super Mixed Corn is a healthy and nutritious treat for your chickens, made from the highest standard of Non-GM ingredients: wheat, maize, peas, added calcium and grit.

For good strong egg shells and optimum nutrition, treats should only be fed in the afternoon, after your chickens have eaten their complete feed and no more than an egg cup full (around 20g) for each bird should be given.

Sodium is another important reason for limiting the amount of treats given - too little sodium in the diet can result in your hens showing agitated or aggressive behaviour, whilst too much can cause loose droppings. Providing a good quality, specially formulated feed and limiting the amount of treats, will help to make sure your hens get just the right amount.

It is important to note that feeding chickens kitchen waste, including vegetable scraps, is illegal following the Foot and Mouth outbreak of 2001. As an alternative, Super Mixed Corn is a popular treat and when scattered around the coop, helps to encourage natural foraging behaviour. It is also useful for encouraging reluctant chickens back into their hen house at night!

Super Mixed Corn is available in 5kg and 20kg bags. For nutritional advice on feeding your poultry call the Smallholder Range’s friendly nutrition team on 01362 822902.

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