Guinea Pix Mix Allen & Page 20kg

Guinea Pix Mix Allen & Page 20kg

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A Complimentary Guinea Pig Mix with Rosehips for natural Vitamin C. Guinea Pigs are unable to produce vitamin C themselves so it is important that they are fed a specially formulated Guinea Pig Mix which contains vitamin C and everything else that they need to keep them fit and healthy. Fresh water should always be available. You should try to ensure that your guinea pigs eat all their food from a very young age by calculating the daily requirement and dividing it into two meals, one fed in the morning and one in the evening. However, if you notice that your guinea pigs tend to leave sone of the ingredients in course mixes, reduce the amount your are giving until they are eating all of it. Then slowly increase the amount again to the recommended daily allowance. The average guinea pig will need between 30-50g of mix per day. Non GM ingredients. Allen & Page

Composition: Barley, Peas, Oats, Nutritionally improved straw, Beans, Maize, Wheat, Wheat syrup, Linseed expeller, Alfafa, Oatfeed, Salt, Dicalcium, phosphate, Dried Carrot, Rosehips CoE 403/rose hop

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