BeeKind Fuel Briquettes 10kg bag

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CLEAN, british made eco friendly AND COST-EFFECTIVE Fuel Logs

Wood briquettes are ideal for open fires, ovens, chimeneas, wood burning stoves and BBQs.

These heat logs are made in the UK, 100% natural, recycled cedar wood and red wood sawdust and shavings. 

Wooden briquettes are recognised as being ideal to burn due to their high calorific value.  Generally the larger the diameter briquettes burn longer and give out most heat, our briquettes are 65mm diameter.

Compared to logs wood briquettes burn hotter for longer (making them more economical) they are much cleaner to handle and produce less spitting when lit.  They also produce lower tar residues.

No glue or additives, 100% renewable energy from compressed cedar wood and redwood sawdust and shavings that burns completely to ash and can simply be placed on your garden.

The carbon dioxide (CO2) balance is even, because wood briquettes release just as much CO2 to the atmosphere as the tree absorbs through growth making wooden briquettes eco-friendly

FUEL LOGS offer you a cost-effective, convenient and eco-friendly alternative for your fire



  • Made in the UK

    Made from dry, intreated waste wood

    Burn hotter for longer

    Briquettes produce less ash

    Briquettes have a low sulpher content

    Briquettes have a low moisture content

    Stable and safe in the fireplace

    No spitting or sparks

    No resin build-up

    Consistent performance



BeeKing BRIQUETTES are made from compressed cedar wood and redwood sawdust and shavings.  This otherwise waste wood is generated from the process of making beekeeping hives and products in the UK


BeeKing BRIQUETTES offer great value compared to traditional sources of heat, and an unbeatable combination of convenience and carbon efficiency as a fuel.


To get the best results from your briquettes we reccomend that you use 6-10 briquettes (or one quarter full depending on the size of your stove etc.) on a bed of newspaper, fire lighters or kindling. Light your fire keeping the main airflow of your stove fully open, once the fire is burning well reduce the airflow and leave alone. Compared to logs wood briquettes burn hotter and for longer.

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