Beginners Chicken Keeping Pack - Starter Kit

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A complete kit to start your chicken keeping. This kit includes: House with run, 2 Hybrid POL hens, Drinker, Feeder, Corn, Mash, Grit, Straw, Shavings, Red Mite Spray, and Dust Bath Mix. The hens can be chosen from any of our 11 hybrid breeds in stock (Skylines carry a £10.00 supplement).

House and Run:
Height: 1030mm (3ft 4”) 
Length: 2170mm (7ft 1“) Excluding nest box
Width:  755mm (2ft 6“)

Nest box:
Height:  410mm (1ft 4”)
Length: 325mm (1ft 1”)
Width:  700mm (2ft 4”) with opening roof

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