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An ideal house to get you started with chicken keeping. This house is imported and not as robust as our traditionally made UK housing, but provides a safe, secure house for poultry. It has a covered run area with large access doors to the front and side, raised house with front opening door & window, pull out plastic lined draw to ease cleaning, external double nest box, roosting rail and ramp.

House and Run:
Height: 1030mm (3ft 4”) 
Length: 2170mm (7ft 1“) Excluding nest box
Width:  755mm (2ft 6“)

Nest box:
Height:  410mm (1ft 4”)
Length: 325mm (1ft 1”)
Width:  700mm (2ft 4”) with opening roof


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Blue Haze - SOLD OUT Blue Haze - SOLD OUT
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Silver Sussex - SOLD OUT Silver Sussex - SOLD OUT
£22.00 *
Black Tail Black Tail
£22.00 *
Maran Coucou - SOLD OUT Maran Coucou - SOLD OUT
£22.00 *
Maran Cuivree Maran Cuivree
£22.00 *
Rhode Rock Rhode Rock
£22.00 *
Devon Blue Devon Blue
£32.00 *
White Ranger White Ranger
£22.00 *
White Sussex White Sussex
£22.00 *

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