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These lovely little birds make great pets, are easy to care for and lay lots of tasty little eggs. They take up very little space. Their life expectancy is around two years. These quail are a tan colour and have light tan feathers with dark specks on their throat and breast.

Quail are the smallest European game bird, they are fairly hardy, living happily in a small ark or hutch.  They like covered areas and do not like open spaces, so add branches and boxes in their enclosure.  Protection must be given from rats, dogs, cats and other predators.  

Quail lay lovely little chalky mottled brown, cream and blue eggs, they start to lay at around six to seven weeks and should lay around 200 eggs per year.  The eggs have a lightly stronger flavour and a more dense consistency than a chickens egg.  They have a shelf live of approximately 12 days and provide a good source of vitamin B12, Iron and protein.

Quail can be purchased through this website for collection from our farm during our shop opening hours. A £5 deposit can be made (balance due on collection) or payment can be made in full. Please state the date you would like to collect the quail and we will confirm availability.


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Quail pellets 5Ltr Quail pellets 5Ltr
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Egg Box QUAIL 1 Doz - Clear Egg Box QUAIL 1 Doz - Clear
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Dust Bath Tray for Quail Dust Bath Tray for Quail
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