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Organic feeding for chickens’

Feeding is one of the most important aspects when it comes to laying hens. Producing eggs can put a large strain on the bird nutritionally so it’s vital that they are receiving the correct balance of vitamins and minerals such as the increased levels of protein and calcium needed for egg laying birds. Getting it wrong can lead to ill health, poor egg production, deformed eggs and unwanted behaviours such as feather plucking. Whereas, getting it right can help contribute to the production of good, strong, regular eggs and healthy birds.

Free-Range chickens are foraging animals so will receive some of their essential nutrients from insects and greenery. However, feeding a concentrate pelleted or crumble layers feed at recommended amounts (usually on an ad-lib basis) will ensure they receive a completely balanced diet.

There are numerous layers feeds available on the market; although with research suggesting that people are becoming more concerned about the source of their food, demand for Organic animal feeds are now becoming more widely popular. The strict guidelines for producing organic feeds helps ensure the use of traceable, sustainable and healthy ingredients.

Other reasons people favour feeding organic feeds to their birds includes:

  • Improved health caused by less exposure to use of chemicals.
  • Environmental impact is reduced through reduced miles in the production process, the use of natural fertilisers and an increase in renewable sources and use of recyclable materials.
  • Great taste - As no artificial growth promotors are used, animals grow at a slower rate which is believed to contribute to an improved taste and eggs richer in flavour.

Our Organic Layers Pellets provide a nutritionally balanced feed for your chickens, should organic be the preferred choice. Key benefits include:

  • Use Non-GM (Genetically Modified) Ingredients
    • We do all that we can to ensure that all the ingredients used are grown from seed which is not genetically modified (Non-GM).
    • We only ever use Hard IP ingredients compared to the more commonly used Soft IP (FEMAS) to help prevent Non-GM contamination. Using Hard IP ingredients means the crops are grown from Non-GM seeds in a protected area away from GM crops.
    • No artificial additives or growth promotors are used.
  • Drug Free
    • All of our feeds are completely drug free and are produced in a drug free mill.
  • Organic Beans
    • High quality source of protein.
  • Omega 3 Oils
    • Only high quality premium grade vegetable oils are used.
    • We add linseed to our feeds which has been shown to increase Omega 3 levels in eggs making it beneficial for human health.
    • Added Omega 3 Oils help contribute to healthy birds and wonderful eggs.
  • Committed to the environment
    • Use recyclable and recycled materials for packaging and promotional materials wherever possible.
  • Soil Association Approval.
    • Ensures quality and traceability throughout.
    • The full range has been formulated with no synthetic ingredients.
    • The only company to use natural vitamin sources rather than synthetically manufactured ones.
    • Chemical free products are used at every stage.
  • Vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society
    • We never use animal-by-products in our feeds.
    • We do not use fish meal as a protein source or gelatine as a preservative.
  • Commitment to Quality and high standards
    • Our drug free mill has achieved Quality Management ISO 9001 and Environmental Management ISO 14001.
    • Our Mill is also assured by the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS) for good practice in quality control and assurance.
  • By Royal Appointment
    • We are delighted to have been granted the Royal Warrant in 2009 by HRH The Prince of Wales.
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