Red Spider Mite Check List

Red Spider Mite – A Check List

  • Check regularly for signs of red mite, are your birds looking spritely and alert, not lethargic or anaemic?
  • Look for red mite poo! (usually the only visible daytime indicator) – ash like ‘salt n’ pepper’ markings around the cracks and crevices
  • Has egg production slowed down / stopped for no other obvious reason?
  • Do your birds seem reluctant to go into the coup at night (being shut in with loads of biting critters is no one’s idea of fun!)
  • Inspect the coup at night with a torch, if there are red mites, you will see them on the perch and walls, as well as on your birds (though don’t stick your head in too far!)
  • Through April to September clean out, spray and powder once a week
  • Through September to April, although mite are generally less active, it is still worth spraying every 2-3 weeks, with powder sprinkled around in between, why risk it?
  • Dispose of cleaned out material in such a way that no red mite are able to return to the coup
  • Consider use of a poultry tonic / herbal supplement to repel the mites & maybe a vitamin supplement to aid recovery from an infestation.


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