Newsletter June 2018

Mantel Farm is a family run garden farming business located in the heart of the East Sussex countryside
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Mantel Farm Newsletter - June 2018

Raising Money For The British Heart Foundation, Poly Beehives, Keeping Well Fed Flocks, Half Price Poultry Pep, South Of England Show, Quail, Beekeeping Notes, And A Springtime Poem

please support Bertie

Please support Bertie in the London to Brighton bike ride


Something a little different this month but very close to our heart...


Bertie's heart story:

As some of you may know over the last few years our eldest son has been trying to get to the bottom of his mysterious heart problem. Due to an 'at the time' unknown reason his heart beat would race up to the region of 300bpm, so not ideal!  The trouble was this couldn't be linked to any pattern or narrowed down to a cause, until February when one of these 'attacks' was recorded on a new device (linked to his phone that could record a single trace ECG) and sent directly to the hospital.  This resulted in us being called to the hospital the next day to receive the news Bertie needed surgery!  They suspected an extra electronic valve/wire in his heart that he shouldn't have - this controls the beating of his heart and rather than closing after each heart beat it was staying open allowing it to loop back round beating faster and faster.   So, just 5 days later we were back up in London for the operation; all went well, they found and closed the extra wire and the service and treatment was amazing - he is now all fixed!


Sitting in the hospital waiting to hear the details of the operation and Bertie suddenly panicked - not at what he was about to go through, but that he would be unable to take part in his planned London to Brighton Bike Ride for the British Heart Foundation (a little ironic I thought!)  Well, after speedy surgery and the news that he has made a full recovery, he said he wanted to give something back; and so has again been training and will still take part in the London to Brighton Ride this June to raise money for this important charity (I have to admit I took some persuading that it was a good idea, but am very proud that he wants to go ahead!) So if possible, please give your support to him by sponsoring his ride; any donations are much appreciated no matter what size, and can be made in our shop or through the justgiving website. With many thanks!



No ugly ducklings here! Click for the video...


Back to the animals at Mantel Farm; our little colony of bees in the polystyrene hive is growing steadily and the WBC bees are looking a little stronger after carrying out a shook swarm (all the bees are literally shook into a new hive with fresh beeswax foundation to give them a fresh start).  We have some new arrivals, a lovely trio of Silver Brahma chickens, now named Polar, Ice and Crystal, understandably showing off in a pen on the track.  One of our little call ducks (in the pen by the Apiary) has hatched some lovely little ducklings, who look very sweet bobbing on the water! We have lots of new hybrid hens for sale, cute young Bantams to choose from and our flocks of little Quail have arrived safely.


Jason's poultry article this month is all about how to keep a well fed flock of birds. Amanda discusses spring preparations in her beekeeping notes, and Laurie the Poet provides a springtime poem entitled "Effortless".


keeping a well-fed flock

Jason's Home Farmer Magazine Article

Keeping a well-fed flock

Providing good food and clean water for your birds is essential, as for any living thing that you are responsible for, whether animal pet, or the family! The quality of the food and water is at the top of the list...

poultry pep offer
Buy Now...

Special Offer: Keep Your Hens In Top Condition

Half price poultry pep with every Hybrid purchase

A mineral supplement containing a blend of spices and vitamin C to keep poultry healthy.

  • Maintains immunity
  • Encourages growth
  • Promotes good egg shell quality
  • Supports egg laying performance
  • Maintains condition during extreme hot and cold weather
Bee on giant Allium Gladiator

Amanda's June Beekeeping Notes

Wax Moth, Swarming Season, Bee Forage, World Bee Day and Research

Amanda finds the source of an outbreak of Greater Wax Moth, gives some tips on the swarming season and an update on the latest bee research and news including the EU ban on the use of neonicotinoid on outdoor crops.

South of England Show 2018

South of England Show - 7th, 8th 9th June

Ardingly Showground

We will be at the showground in the "discover the countryside" area (opposite the pond)

Come and find us for your free goody bag (including a half dozen eggs) while stocks last and a chance to enter our free competition. The winner can choose their prize - either a chicken house or a beehive! Find out more on our website.

laurie the psychy poet

Laurie The Psychy Poet

A Springtime Poem - "Effortless"

Laurie Wilkinson keeps producing blog posts and poems. Help support his works and Help for Heroes by buying his books. Here is a springtime poem entitled "Effortless"...


The Bluebells in the woods
Proclaim the coming time of spring
And all hopes for a bright new year
With masses of joy to bring ... Continue

british heart foundation bike ride

British Heart Foundation London to Brighton Charity Bike Ride - Sunday 17th June

Please support Bertie in his ride to raise money

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving - they'll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they'll send your money directly to the charity. So it's the most efficient way to donate - saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

Quail for sale
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Quail Available Now

Just £10 Each - Reserve or collect yours now

Available only for a short time - Quail make great pets, are easy to care for and lay an amazing amount of tasty little eggs. Why not start with our beginners quail keeping pack (starter kit) for just £200?

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