Newsletter September 2018

Mantel Farm is a family run garden farming business located in the heart of the East Sussex countryside
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Mantel Farm Newsletter - September 2018

Poultry Health Care - Treating Fleas & Lice, Beekeeping Notes,

Winter Training Courses, Special Offers & Promotional Products


Our Goslings


Writing this newsletter gives me a nice chance to sit and reflect on what has happened during the last month and what we will be up to next. This time I really couldn’t believe another month had passed and initially thought what on earth can I say! However, on reflection, it’s been as busy as ever and the change in the weather has given a great chance to get some of the things done that it was just too hot to do earlier in the summer. It has also given a realisation that autumn is fast approaching, and with that another long list of must-do's arrive!


So a quick recap of the month: Our little Barnacle Goslings are growing fast and we have started to introduce them to our big geese, this is going well; the goslings being so fast and flappy that that even Perkin our gander seems to have quickly realised he has no chance of out-running two silly teenagers!


Having enjoyed the lovely little quail eggs from our flock of quail for sale, we decided we should really keep more quail ourselves and have renovated one of our older chicken houses, setting up a quail aviary by our house; the little call of the cock bird is lovely to hear nearby and we are already getting 2 dozen eggs a week from just 4 little girls.


The bees are still working hard in their beehives and have stored a good crop of honey, this will be left on the hives for their own use through the winter. Our bees really struggled at the start of the summer, so it has been fantastic to see them building up and getting stronger, the least we can do is leave their golden crop for them to enjoy!


We have continued with extra clean-outs and red mite treatments to all the chicken pens to ensure the red mite stay away - probably going over the top but we are determined here to keep these mites away - as many of our chicken customers will know from experience, it is a nightmare to treat once an infestation sets in, and on our scale we just can’t let that happen. A new flock of little bantams have arrived and are settling in well.


Our electric van had its first service! (Not sure what they service in an electric motor!?) This means we've had it a whole year now - which really does make me wonder where the time has gone - (probably driving around doing deliveries!) The van has been great for us, charging from our solar panels has worked out really well saving both energy and money.


We had a lovely afternoon at Crowhurst fayre, helping on the horticultural stand by the observation hive, talking to many about bees and all things smallholding! Next month we are off to Scotney Castle for their Hop and Honey Fayre - let’s hope we are again lucky with the weather!


fleas and lice help and advice sheets

Jason's Help And Advice Sheets

Fleas & Lice - Prevention and Treatment

This month's advice sheet is all about fleas and lice - what to look for, and how to prevent and treat. Chickens can be affected by both fleas and lice, the latter being more common and living directly on your birds.


For top tips to look for and actions to take, be sure to read Jason's Fleas and Lice check list and fact sheet.

diatom and poultry shield offer
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Prevent Fleas & Lice - Diatom & Poultry Shield

A Special Offer On Our Recommended Products

With many people still experiencing a red mite problem due to the hot summer, we have continued this offer for another month. These products are also the ones we use to keep fleas and lice away and come strongly recommended by us all here. So buy both Poultry Shield and Diatom together for a great saving of £5.00.

soggy bee caught out in the rain

Amanda's September Beekeeping Notes

Treating Varroa And Feeding Your Bees

The reason I get my varroa low at this time of year is to ensure the essential winter bees develop healthy and fat to survive the winter. Research at Sussex University indicates a single mid winter treatment of oxalic acid may be sufficient for the following 12 months, but for the last 6 years I have had a large influx of varroa from collapsing colonies of feral or neglected bees in my neighbourhood in late Autumn so I have to get the varroa levels down again.

Buy Now...

Apiguard For Varroa Control - £2.95 Per Tray

It's Now Time To Treat Your Bees Against Varroa

Apiguard tray - comes in a pack of 10 trays. A natural treatment for Varroa control. Apiguard is a sophisticated, patented slow release gel that ensures correct dosage of it's active ingredient, thymol. Thymol is a naturally occurring substance derived from the plant thyme.

Bi-OO-Cyst 1 litre bottles
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Bi-OO-Cyst - Defra Approved Disinfectant

End Of Stock Clearance: Just £5.95 Per Litre

A General multipurpose disinfectant specifically designed for the livestock industry, it’s broad spectrum of activity allows it to be effective against Viruses, Moulds, Yeasts and Endoparasites. Perfect for the all-important deep cleaning and APHA compliance. We have just a few bottles of these Defra approved disinfectants left, so grab a bargain at just £5.95 per litre (saving £10) whilst stocks last.

beekeeping weekend courses
Book Now...

Winter Beekeeping Training Courses

Few Spaces Available On Our 2018 Courses

Thinking of Beekeeping next year? Winter is a great time to learn a new hobby or skill, so why not book on one of our  October & November beginner's courses? We have just a few places left, so book now to enjoy a frendly course, learning what is invoved in time for your to research more over the winter and be ready to set up your hive in the spring. Attending also gives 10% discount on beekeeping equipment - perfect timing for christmas presents!

local delivery service

Have Your Order Delivered To Your Door

Convenient And Tailored To Suit You

Sussex Highways seem to be working against us recently, with all the pot-holes left in the roads during the winter and now during the summer most of the roads leading to us have been closed at some point! Watermill Lane (between here and Bexhill) continues to be closed for some time, so if you are struggling to get here, please do remember you can have your order delivered to your door;  just order your items on our website or give us a call.


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