Newsletter February 2019

Mantel Farm is a family run garden farming business located in the heart of the East Sussex countryside
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Mantel Farm Newsletter - February 2019

Wild Birds; Preparing for the cold weather, Free mealworm offer, Winter Beekeeping.

Special offer on our Wild Bird Seed, Sunflower Hearts and Peanuts


Happy New Year to all, with Christmas celebrations now passed its time to get back outside and give a thought to our animals out in the cold.  Our winter weather tends usually to arrive later in February, but this year we have had a few cold snaps in January, with more snow forcast for this week coming, lets see if it arrives! If it does we do hope it doesnt stay too long as although we prefer the cold frosty mornings to mild wet weather, a layer of snow on the ground will not help with all the work we have planned outside preparing our new outdoor training area for our new courses starting in April.


The wild birds also need a little extra care.  We are lucky to get lots of different birds here and have had many visits recently to the feeders by our farm gate (when the Squirrel is not about!) including the Nuthatch and very cute Long Tailed Tit.  Last weekend Ernie and myself joined the Crowhurst Environment Group for a walk through the villlage and out onto Combe Haven with the very knowledgeable ornithologist Cliff Dean where we spotted an amazing 42 different bird species. 


Back to our Poultry, I have included below links to our winter check list (very short notes for those in a hurry), fact sheet (facts with tips and info) and Jasons Home Farmer article (a longer read with a hot cup of tea), so please have a read of whichever version is for you and make sure your birds are ready for a cold spell.


poultry facts and info

Preparing your Birds for Winter

Jasons feature in last years Home Farmer Magazine.... 

This particular January morning, although probably no different to any other snowy start, I noticed something that hadn’t come to my attention before, something that has ‘kept me on my toes’ ever since……I noticed that there were fox footprints – tracks around all the (potential prey) pens....

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Free Mealworms with each 5kg Wild Bird Seed

Treat your wild birds with this offer:

Receive a free 80g tub of mealworms worth £1.20 with every purchase of 5kg wild bird, peanuts or sunflower hearts.  Buy in shop or on our website for delivery.


Amanda's February Beekeeping Notes

The bees also need a thought in a cold snap...

Apart from the usual things like making sure the entrance is clear of dead bees, the hives are still intact, dry and not blown over, hefting for stores is very important....

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Winter fires: Logs and Hotmax

Now available on our Loyalty Card Scheme

Get ready for the cold with hotmax and logs for your fire, along with firelighters, kindling and flaming firewood (small logs) to get your fire alight.    All sacks of logs are now on our Loyalty Card Scheme - reveive a stamp each time you buy to receive your 11th bag free!


Winter Poultry Care Fact Sheet

Essential tips for caring for your flock

Essential tips for caring for your flock during the winter months, with the colder weather and longer nights.....

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Wine Making and Mead Making Couses

A great way to warm the winter months!

Not enjoying the dull cold start to the year? 

Why not join us on one of our Mead or Wine making courses, we have jsut a few spaces remaining on our Mead Course 26th Jan, and Wine and Mead courses 23rd Feb.


Winter Poultry Care Check List

A quick check list to care for our flock

A quick reference check list on a single page for your convenience.


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