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Mantel Farm Newsletter - April 2019

Easter Opening, Early Bee Inspections, learning new skills for summer



It was great to have a few days before this cold snap to get a chance to get outside and see spring arriving.  The blossom on our plum tree outside our shop has been amazing this year and buzzing with bees.  The cherry tree has also been full of blossom so should produce lots of fruit for the birds, who always beat us to the cherries so we just accept now the blossom is lovely to see and the fruit encourages the birds into the garden, no home made fruit wine from this tree!


The birds all seem to be enjoying the longer days and nice weather, both domestic and wild with a long loud morning chorus most days (including one cockerel that has a very early morning crow - must move him further away from the house!).  We have also had some distress calls early some mornings and found a fox pacing around the pens, unfortunatly at this time of year we often get more persistant visits from the fox, probably looking for food for a young family, so we have to be on our guard and double check each evening that all birds are safely shut in and all locks are securely closed. 


We have managed a couple of early inspections of our bees.  Mostly all seems to look well and we found nice new honey stores where the bees have been working the blossom.  One hive is worrying as there is no sign of eggs or brood so it is unlikely the queen has made it through the winter, we will therefore check again as soon as we can to see if we need to merge the hive with another. 


Works are progessing to the outside area around our barn, the old polytunnel has been taken down and the bars are being repaired ready to be returned to give us a sheltered area for both planting and training courses.  The area around our pond outside the woodstore has been tidied and we were really pleased to find frogspawn.  The geese have been extremely stroppy so we expect goose eggs in time for easter!









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Easter Opening

We are open Good Friday:

Closed Easter Sunday and Monday, 

With easter in just a couple of weeks time, please remember over the bank holiday we will be open on Easter Friday but closed on Easter Sunday and Monday.   Animal boarding will coninue as usual over the easter period with arrivals and collections between 10am and midday Tuesdays to Sundays.








Amanda's April Beekeeping Notes

The bees also need a thought in a cold snap...

Apart from the usual things like making sure the entrance is clear of dead bees, the hives are still intact, dry and not blown over, hefting for stores is very important....






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Learn a Country Craft or Skill in time for the summer:  Courses for April and May:

12th & 13th April Beginning your Bees

26th April An introduction to Greenwood Working

3rd May Chesstnut Hurdle Making

11th & 12th May Beginning your Beekeeping

24th May Beginning your Chicken Keeping

24th May Caring for your Chickens






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Spring Clean Offer 2kg Diatom just £5.95

£5 off a large tub of Diatom Powder:

Diatom powder(DE) is a fantastic product to use in your chicken house.  Simply sprinkle around the bedding and when cleaning out the house.  It is a natural multi-parasite control powder, helping to combat infestations of red mite, lice and fleas.






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Our flock of Quail will arrive soon

Pre-order your Quail....

Thought about keeping Quail?  These little birds are a pleasure to keep, need only a little space and lay lovely little chalky mottled brown, cream and blue eggs.  They start to lay at just six to seven weeks old and should lay around 200 eggs per year.  The eggs have a slightly stronger flavour   and a more dense consistency than a chickens egg.






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Easter Holiday Boarding

Book soon for us to look after your animals:

Dont forget if you are planning a trip away over the Easter Period, we can look after your chickens, ducks, rabbits or guinea pigs.  Full info on our website, or pop in to the shop to see our pens




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