Newsletter May 2020


Mantel Farm is a family run garden farming business located in the heart of the East Sussex countryside
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Mantel Farm - hen availability, learning a country skill and animal boardings

19th May 2020

I can’t really believe how quickly the weeks are passing and I am again writing a newsletter, but we do appreciate that for everyone waiting for an update on our hen availability it must seem the complete opposite!  so we have below an update on our hybrid, bantam, pure breed and quail stock....


It seems 2020 should be the year of the chicken (and toilet roll!) with so many new chicken keepers and long term chicken customers enquiring about our hens, we are doing our best to keep up with the demand and keep you all happy and informed.  We have so many special requests that it is impossible to prioritise you all so please accept our apologies if you have been waiting for some time and have still not been able to buy any hens.  I am sure with or flocks arriving each month we will be able to supply the breeds of your choice over the summer months.


With the lockdown restrictions easing we are again considering how we should best continue with our business short term and we have decided not to re-open the shop to walk in customers just yet but we will continue with an order and collection service (please see more info below). Our boarding facilities will re-open from the start of June and we will run our training courses from the start of August.  We will continue to follow social distancing guidance and are of course watching the government decisions closely and any bookings taken will be transferred or refunded if the restrictions mean we are unable to offer these services.


So for now there will be many quiet moments on the farm like in the photo above, but we look forward to welcoming you all back here soon... 



Training Courses August onwards...

Looking for a more traditional life? why not learn a new country skill or hobby?...

Having pigs back on the farm this year we have been reminded how useful they are when we are gardening, with all pruning’s and weeds being thrown in their pen and quickly converted to fantastic manure!! they even enjoy the brambles and nettles! 


Our Pig Keeping course is just one of the new courses being offered this year, so why now join us during the summer and find out if you could also benefit from a couple of pigs in your garden?  or if pigs are not for you why not try one of our traditional craft courses?


Also, if you are new to chicken keeping, why not come along to one of our chicken keeping courses?


Our courses will re-start from the beginning of August and we are now taking bookings through our website.

If you had booked on a course during the March-July period, we are working our way through each course discussing the best options with the tutors and attendees to be able to re-schedule these courses as soon as possible.


Diary of Training Courses


Beekeeping and helping our pollinating insects...

Free Candy Packs!...

We would usually have been trading at the Sussex Bee market last weekend and have missed seeing and chatting to many beekeepers, both new and old.  So to cheer us all up we are offering a Bee-Market Gift: 


For every beekeeping purchase of £30 or more we will give a free pack of Bee Pollen or Bee Candy (worth £2.95 & £3.95).  This candy is perfect to feed to a swarm or split hive at this time of year, and don't forget the swarming season is now here so regularly check your bees and take swarm prevention measures, (no doubt Amanda will talk more about this in her monthly update but this newsletter is a little early so we will send this separately and pop it on our website in a week or so).


If you are not a beekeeper, but like to help our insects why not have a look at our new help sheet on our website:

Helping our Garden Pollinators 



Cluck and collect! ...

All livestock sales are currently being made by pre-order and collection only, to avoid any queues or disappointed visits to our farm.  Your ordered birds will be popped in a chicken run ready for you to see so that you can ensure you are happy with your choice before taking them home.  You will have an allocated half hour appointment so that you have time to discuss any chicken keeping questions you may have with our staff. 


Hybrid Hens:

June hens:  All hens available in June have now been allocated.  We are awaiting the delivery dates for these flocks and if you have ordered these hens, we will be in touch to arrange collections as soon as we can.

July hens:  Our July flock of hens are now available to order through our website. 

May Pekin Bantam Hens:

Our May flock of Bantam hens are now available to order through our website for collection from the 29th May.  If we do not have the colours or numbers you are looking for then our next flock will be available in July.  


June Pure Breeds:

Our June flock of Pure Breed Hens are now available to order on our website for collection during the last weekend of June.



This years flock of Quail are available to order on our website for collection from this weekend.  Only a few now remain available.


Please remember that we have flocks of hens throughout the year, and if we are unable to supply you now please bear with us as although you may have to wait a little longer than usual I am sure we will be able to supply your hens through the summer months.


Animal Boarding...

Holiday bookings June 2020 onwards

With government restrictions easing it is looking likely that some holidays and family visits may be possible from July, and people may also require their pets to be boarded for other reasons, so our boarding facilities will again be available from June onwards. 


New Products...

A Boredom Busting Complementary Food for Chickens ..

We have a couple of lovely new pecking blocks for hens, therse are great to hang in a pen to give your hens something extra to do.  They can be placed on the ground but are great to hang just above their head height so they have work a little to get a treat!  Great for them and great to watch!   The blocks come in 2 flavours: Garlic, Herbs & Seaweed or Fruit & Berry.  


Shopping arrangements...

We have decided for the time being to continue with our customer collection and delivery service, not re-opening the shop to walk-in customers just yet.  This we feel is in everyone’s best interest, giving our staff, customers, family and business the best protection.  The majority of our items are available to order on our website and we are happy to give any advice we can by phone, email and on collection.  With half hourly collection slots to discuss the products if you wish...


So, although our shop is currently closed we will ensure our customers are able to get their animal feed, supplies and equipment as best we can:


Farm Collections:

We are offering collections from our farm.  Please place your order on our website and we offer a collection slot for when your items will be ready for you to collect.   


Local Deliveries:

We are offering an extended local delivery service for our customers.  Please place your order on our website and ensure you select the correct delivery option in the shopping cart.  Local Deliveries will be made in our electric van and are generally on a Thursday, deliveries to further afield will be by arrangement.


Courier Deliveries: 

We will continue to offer a courier service.  Delivery times will be subject to the courier company and please understand they are extremely busy at the moment.


Please do not just arrive at our farm without an appointment as the shop is currently closed to walk in customers.

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