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Mantel Farm is a family run garden farming business located in the heart of the East Sussex countryside
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Mantel Farm latest shopping arrangements 

 broody hens and

NEW eco poultry products

16th June 2020

Shopping Arrangements...

At Mantel Farm the lockdown easing means we can begin to welcome more people back to the farm, however many of you have commented on how you feel safe and confident shopping with a dedicated customer slot, so we have decided to continue with our half hourly collection times on Fridays and Saturdays for orders placed through our website.  On Sundays you will now be able to call to the farm without an appointment; the barn-shop will for now remain closed and we will take your order in our customer collection area, gather the items for you and take them to your car.  We will have a queuing system down our track, so there is only one customer at the collection point at a time to maintain social distancing.  Payment will be by card only (no cash at present please).  


We hope this new system will offer more flexibility for shopping with us until we all feel it is safe and sensible to again welcome you into our shop to look around, in the mean-time please remember you can browse our shop on our website.  Please see below for full customer arrangements...  


Summer Poultry Care and Broody hens...

With summer now officially here we need to think about extra care of our animals, and on our website you can find articles on summer care and red spider mite.  Hens also often go broody around now and if they do it is important to know what to do to keep them in good condition, so this month Jason has written his latest article on broody hens.


New Eco Poultry Drinkers and Feeders...

We are continuing to review all of the products in our shop to ensure we offer environmentally friendly options wherever possilbe, and this month is the turn of the chicken drinkers and feeders:  With the majority of sales being plastic we have been searching for some time to find an alternative.  Recently we re-introduced our galvanised drinkers and feeders, these make a long term investment and are often the products people choose once they are fully committed to chicken keeping, as they can be used again and again - lasting for so long! but they are heavier and more expensive than plastic and so not for everyone...  So we are really excited to now be able to introduce our new bio-plastic range of drinkers and feeders, made using 100% renewable materials, they are environmentally friendly, practical, sustainable and responsible - please see more info below and on our website.



See our litte video on  our customer collections

Cluck & collect...

Fridays and Saturdays

Place your order through our website, select customer collection and we will confirm a collection time with you.

You will have a dedicated half hour collection slot and so be the only customer at the farm.  


Call in and collect...


Simply call to our farm, place your order, pay by card and we will get your order ready and take it to your car for you to load.  If there are already customers here please wait in the marked spaces maintaining 2m distancing.


Home Delivery...

Place your order through our website, select the appropriate delivery option (dependant on you address) and we will confirm a date to deliver to your door.


Further afield?...

Many of our items are available on our website for courier delivery, just select this option at the checkout.  


Please note:  All livestock sales are currently being made by pre-order only to avoid any queues or disappointed visits to our farm.  Your ordered birds will be popped in a chicken run ready for you to see so that you can ensure you are happy with your choice before taking them home.  You will have an allocated half hour appointment so that you have time to discuss any chicken keeping questions you may have with our staff.


Broody Hen – friend or foe?...

Some say that an unwanted broody hen is like an infectious disease in the coup as it appears to be catching! Definitely no disease, but without a doubt one intent broody hen can gather support, and often several hens will follow suit and quite often you will end up with several all at once! 

So, the answer to the title question really does depend on the situation in hand. If you would like to have some chicks without having to buy an incubator, then the ‘broody hen’ is a friend indeed! However, if chicks is the last thing you are looking for, then a broody hen can sadly be nothing but a nuisance, often causing much disruption to your perfect poultry set up....


New - Broody Hen Article


NEW - Bio-plastic drinkers and feeders...

Manufactured using 100% renewable materials - Plastic but not as we know it! ...


Environmentally friendly

Practical, sustainable, responsible

Made from Bio-plastic using 100% natural non-oil based material.


Sugar Cane is a new alternative to oil-based polythene.  A polymer is created from sugar cane waste that is bio-based.  As it grows, it retains carbon so at the time of harvesting itis carbon-negative, however, carbon is used in the processing and manufacturing and this makes the product carbon neutral.


Protect our planet now! - Full product details


Amandas Beekeeping notes ...

Apologies these are being shared a little late but please find Amanda's update here...

As I write this we are having another little heatwave. The forecast, dare I say it, looks promising for the next few weeks too, so there are things we need to consider to keep our bees as happy as possible.

Firstly, there is still the risk of swarms so keep on with the prevention techniques (plenty of space etc) which I mentioned in recent newsletters. And keep up with the regular inspections and control promptly...


Chicken update ...


Hybrid Hens:

June hens:  If you have ordered hens from our June flock you should have a collection time arranged, if we have not contacted you please let us know

July & August hens:  These flocks of hens are now reserved and we will contact you in July/August to arrange a collection date.

September hens:  Our September flock are now available to order on our website.   


June Pekin Bantam Hens:

Our June hens are nearly ready to home and if you have placed an order we will contact you within the next week or so to confirm colours and arrange collection.

We are now taking orders for our August flock.  


Pure Breeds:

We have only a few hens available for collection.  If you are looking for pure breeds please check updates on our website.



This years Quail have now sold.


Animal Boarding...

Holiday bookings June 2020 onwards

We are now taking bookings again for our Animal Boarding pens, please contact us for more information or book through our website. 


Keeping your hens happy...

A Boredom Busting Complementary Food for Chickens ..

As our lockdown eases your hens may find themselves going into lockdown more as you are not there as much to safely give them the freedom of your garden, so don’t forget to give extra treats and things in their run to keep them busy so that boredom does not turn to mischief! 


Our new pecking blocks are a perfect treat, hung just above their head they can be an endless source of entertainment (for both the hens and for us to watch) causing the hens to stretch and jump to peck at a swinging block of goodness! The blocks come in 2 flavours: Garlic, Herbs & Seaweed or Fruit & Berry.  



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