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Avian Influenza Prevention Zone
(AIPZ) declared  

3rd November 2021


Avian Infuenza Prevention Zone declared - what it means to poultry keepers:


An Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ) has been declared across Great Britain effective from 5pm on 3 November 2021. The   AIPZ   means all bird keepers in Great Britain (whether they have pet birds, commercial flocks or just a few birds in a backyard flock) are required by law to take a range of biosecurity precautions.


The  AIPZ now in force across Great Britain, does not include a requirement to house birds. However, this is being kept under constant review. With the increased risk of avian influenza during the winter, the need to include a mandatory housing requirement in the  AIPZ  may happen.


This should give back garden poultry keepers no need for alarm, but you need to be aware of the signs of bird flu and follow strict biosecurity measures.  We have listed the signs to look out for and measures to take in our help and advice sheet on our website:


Biosecurity Measures for Poultry


Further details, including the measures that apply in the AIPZ, can be found at

GOV.​UK: ,


Anyone who   finds dead wild birds  should report them to the  Defra helpline
on 03459 33 55 77 (select option 7).


You can sign up to the Defra Alerts Service to keep up to date with the latest news. You can also  get Defra email alerts.


Full biosecurity guidance from the government can be found here:  Avian influenza (bird flu) - GOV.UK (




The prevention zone means bird keepers across the country should:

    • Take precautions to avoid the transfer of virus contamination between premises.
    • Store feed water and bedding undercover and take steps to prevent access by wild birds.
    • Ducks and Geese should not be kept in the same pen or building as other poultry.
    • Ensure there is no direct contact with poultry on other neighbouring premises.
    • Ensure effective vermin control is carried out.
    • Restrict movement of people to essential activities including welfare, collecting eggs and feeding.
    • Maintain poultry housing.
    • Where birds are not housed, poultry or other captive birds must be kept in fenced/enclosed outdoor areas subject to:
    • Prevent access to permanent standing water by fencing off/netting ponds, standing water or waterlogged land.
    • Place feed and water under cover where wild birds cannot gain access.
    • Clean and disinfect all concrete walkways, paths and similar surfaces where poultry have access.
    • Regularly inspect the pen and remove contamination from wild birds.
    • Take measures to discourage wild birds from entering the outdoor range area and its vicinity.

Biosecurity Products:


Please find further guidance on biosecurity measures and products available on our Mantel Farm Factsheet



Help and Advice Sheets

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