Rat Bait Station (reusable)

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Robust and fully secured bait station.
Rodent baits can be safely sealed inside
Prevents access from pets and children
Used by professionals, suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Contains wall plate, baiting rod and bait tray
Weather resistant and reusable

Indoor and Outdoor use
Ideal for Rats and Mice.

This bait station is cleverly designed to securely fasten all types of rodent baits and present them attractively to rodents.  Safety is paramount and no child or pet can come into contact with the poisons.  The bait station is equipped with its own key to securely lock or open it.  A baiting rod is also included to place bait blocks on securely and a bait tray for grain bait.  It also includes a wall plate to secure it safely against a wall, preventing it being kicked or moved.  An all-round solution to rodent control.

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