Poultry Feeder- 2.5kg BIO PLASTIC Greenline

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New: GREEN LINE Feeders and Drinkers, 
manufactured using 100% renewable materials

Plastic but not as we know it!

Environmentally friendly

Practical, sustainable, responsible

Made from Bio-plastic using 100% natural non-oil based material.

Sugar cane and beet coloured with natural dyes

100% recyclable with existing methods of plastic recycling

Sugar Cane is a new alternative to oil-based polythene.  A polymer is created from sugar cane waste that is bio-based.  As it grows, it retains carbon so at the time of harvesting itis carbon-negative, however, carbon is used in the processing and manufacturing and this makes the product carbon neutral.

Nowadays, it is more important for a material to be bio-based than biodegradable.  Biodegradable plastics cannot be recycled and so the fossil fuels within them are lost permanently whereas bio-based products can be recycled and so the fossil fuels within them are reused.  If biodegradable material gets into the recycling process it will limit the number of re-uses that batch of bio-based material can have.

This material is not biodegradable; therefore locking 100% of the CO2 absorbed by the plant during growth.  For every ton of material used to produce the GREEN LINE range up to 2.1 tons of CO2 is extracted from the atmosphere helping to reduce the greenhouse gases.

In the UK we use 1 million tonnes of polythene film and bags every year and this puts 2.6 billion tonnes of CO2 into the environment.  Wide use of sugar cane instead of oil-based plastics could dramatically reduce this.

Protect our planet now! 

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