Chamois Polish Hatching Eggs

Chamois Polish Hatching Eggs

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Nature & appearance:
There is some controversy over the origins of these birds, the most obvious being Poland, though much evidence does point towards the Netherlands. The Polish breed comes in several colour variations, one being the ‘Chamois’, pictured above, and our favourite!

Their head is one large crest of feathers, a true ‘hair-do’, if ever a bird had one! They are a real head-turner and a fun addition to any flock, or as a stand-alone breed in the garden. Generally a lively breed, though with enough time and patience should become calm, tame and a great fun pet.

The males are generally darker in colour and the head crest is of more spikey appearance, the female a lighter shade and with a rounder softer head crest. The legs are smooth with no feathering. You will often see the cockerels standing as if to attention or on guard, with their wings held firmly pointing downwards just like arms by their sides.

Their mad hair-do’s sometimes hamper their vision and your occasional gentle help with their hair styling won’t go a miss to aid their vision!

This breed is rarely broody, but can be a little on the flighty side.

As bantams, the females weigh in around 740g (1.6lbs), with the males at around 850g (1.9lbs)

No. of eggs:  The hens are good layers (180+/-20 per year)

Egg size & colour:     Small, white / pale cream


Please contact us to check availability before purchasing

Please allow time for your eggs to rest for a full day in a cool place (around 12 degrees), before incubating.

Whilst we generally have high fertility rates with our eggs, please bear in mind we cannot make any guarantees.

If posting, we do make every effort that all eggs are well packaged, and all will be clearly labelled 'Fragile' (please drop us an email if you require us to post on a particular day).


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