Mixed Pekin Bantam Hatching Eggs

Mixed Pekin Bantam Hatching Eggs

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Nature & appearance:  
With its origins in China, this very popular little bantam is thought to have entered this country early to middle part of the nineteenth century. Pekin’s are a very docile friendly bird, and with regular handling can become very tame, making excellent pets, especially for families with small children.

They come in a good range of colours, truly a ‘something for everyone’ scenario! They are a round bundle of feathers often being referred to as a walking tea-cosy. Both male and female have well feathered legs and feet, with the females tail plumage being ball shaped in perfect examples.

They make an excellent broody and mum to their chicks, looking after their young until they are able to fend for themselves.

The cockerels are generally good natured, though can become a little feisty during breeding times when protecting their hens is paramount.

Classed as a ‘true bantam’ (no large fowl counterpart), females weigh in around 570g (1.25lbs), with the males at around 680g (1.5lbs)

No: of eggs:  
The hens are fairly good layers, laying 130-160 eggs a year

Egg size & colour:  
Small, cream / pale brown


Please contact us to check availability before purchasing

Please allow time for your eggs to rest for a full day in a cool place (around 12 degrees), before incubating.

Whilst we generally have high fertility rates with our eggs, please bear in mind we cannot make any guarantees.

If posting, we do make every effort that all eggs are well packaged, and all will be clearly labelled 'Fragile' (please drop us an email if you require us to post on a particular day).


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