Silver Brahma Hatching Eggs

Silver Brahma Hatching Eggs

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Silver Brahma are a very large and placid bird

They are full of wonderful characteristicsw that make them a brilliant pet

The hens are very good broodys and good egg layers

With their markings they are fantastic to look at and generally easy to care for

The Brahmas are very large birds weghing around 4-5kg (8-10pounds) before you buy them you must plan for how big they get as they may need a bigger house (and entrance) then the average chicken

Brahma lay very well with up to 180 eggs per year

The eggs are small and light brown

Whilst we generally have high fertility rates with our eggs, please bear in mind we cannot make any guarantees once eggs have passed through the postal service. We do however make every effort that all eggs will be well packaged, and all will be clearly labelled 'Fragile'.

Please allow time for your eggs to rest for a full day in a cool place (around 12 degrees), before incubating.

We dispatch eggs Tuesdays only to avoid possible postal delays over the weekend.

(Please drop us an email if your require us to post on a Friday to receive on the Saturday, by request only).

We do not have eggs sitting around waiting to be sold, our eggs are collected as fresh as possible and posted straight out.
Therefor, eggs will be posted out as soon as the amount you have purchased are available.

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